Community Conversations

High Meadows School encourages learning from everyone in our community and aspires to be a beacon for conversations about what is important in education today. We hope families, prospective families, educators and community members will join us for a series of conversations designed to deepen perspectives and shine a light on how our mission and guiding principles live on our campus. These conversations are intended to both answer questions about High Meadows and question education as a whole.

Registration: RSVP so we know who’s joining the conversation. We are happy to have you!

How to RSVP: Click on the RSVP Today link. Enter your name, contact info, conversation you want to attend and time you want to attend in the email that opens and then send. If you do not have an email software on your computer or device, please email with the same information.

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Time: Either morning (9:00-10:30 am) or evening (6:30-8:00 pm) attendance.



September 12, 2019


Learning is a social endeavor that unfolds best in a caring community. Discover how High Meadows intentionally builds community. Join us to hear about opportunities to connect and contribute.

November 5, 2019


In a landscape of choice around school options, become informed about the High Meadows model and the benefits to child development. Choosing a school is a decision that will impact you and your child’s day-to-day experience. Join us for a conversation about how High Meadows child-centered model supports joyful growth.

April 30, 2020

Why We Need NATURE

Situated on 42 acres, High Meadows has always embraced the power of learning in and from nature. Students’ academic, emotional, physical and social well-being benefit from time in nature. Join us for this conversation about nature-based learning experiences at High Meadows.